‘Old is the new trendy,’ they say. And currently, yoga is trending.

Today, people are becoming fitness freaks, and technology has made them their own yoga guru. Fitness trainers are losing their importance owing to more and more fitness videos being uploaded online.

But we could not totally depend on such videos to maintain a healthy body. After all, we Indians need someone to be held responsible for any ‘ups and downs’ we face!

And our trainer surely comes to the rescue.

Yoga is not something very new to India. It has been an age old tradition dating back to the reign of lord Rama. Then practiced by all people, including the rishis and the King alike, it had become quite extinct a practice in the 20th century, and people inclined more towards jogging, running, and other exercises. Even these are beneficial, but yoga is the best option to stay fit as well as maintain stress levels at the same time.


As everything does, technology has its own pros and cons.

Although now-a-days Yoga is gaining popularity once more, owing to online videos and social media much-a-do-alike, people are tending to become lazier in their own comfort zone, as technology has made available to them all their needs in one place.

But as more and more people tend to become aware of the benefits of yoga, why should you keep on the less travelled road?

Just give a look to some of the amazing benefits of yoga!

  • Eases stiff muscles and improves blood circulation in the body.
  • Best for reducing difficult belly fat, or fat in the arms or legs.
  • Improves eye sight.
  • Improves joint mobility. Best for patients of arthritis.
  • Really helpful in managing anxiety and stress.
  • Improves cardiac systems, and reduces chances of a heart attack.

And this is just not it, ask you trainee for some of the body easing yogasanas and see how miraculously they change your daily schedule.

Moreover, reciting the powerful mantra OM while performing these asanas is proved to be very beneficial for improving concentration and reducing stress from the mind.