Somalia’s capital Mogadishu witnessed its worst ever blast in the city on Saturday, which killed 190 people, and injured over 200, burning bodies beyond recognition.

Two separate car bombings over the course of the day destroyed the most populated and busy streets of Somalia, which is lined with hotels and government buildings, and burnt innumerable vehicles on the road. Witnesses of the blast said they had never seen blasts of this extent in the city’s history, and described them as “horrible”. They even claim  to have seen clouds of white smoke covering the whole city, at the site of the blasts.

Officials said the bombings were caused by explosives loaded in a truck, and claim that this could be have been done by the Al-Qaida linked Al-Shabab terror group, which has launched several gun and grenade terror attacks in Somalia in the past. Its main aim is to overthrow the existing government in Somalia and resume power.


This is one of the biggest terror bombing in the history of Africa, although no terror group has claimed responsibility till now.

The President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed has declared a three days mourning period in respect of those victimized in the attacks, lashing out his anger at the causal agency of these attacks, saying these cowards only target the general public, and have no respect for the fathers, mothers, or even the children of the city.

The death toll, which as initially 20 people, rose to a disastrous 189 after a second attack in Madina.

The wounded are being treated in government and private hospitals in the capital, and high ranking officials, including the prime minister of state, have come forward to ask the people of Mogadishu to donate blood for the victims.