Taking to American news channel President Donald Trump said U.S. will keep up good relations with Qatar including that the US air base won’t be moved out of the Middle Eastern country regardless of the diplomatic and economic blockade forced on Doha by the Saudi-drove group.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt forced a land, ocean and air blockade on Qatar on June 5.

Qatar is home to the Al-Udeid air base that holds the forward home office of Central Command and hosts around 10,000 American troops.

Yet, while saying there are “10 nations willing to construct us another base”, Trump said, “we won’t have a problem with the military base”.

“We will have a good relationship with Qatar and not going to have a problem with the military base,” Trump said in an interview with CBN News circulated on Wednesday.

“On the off chance that we at any point needed to leave, we’d have 10 nations willing to manufacture us another. Furthermore, they’ll pay for it. The times of us paying for things are to a great extent finished.”

Following the Arab nations’ choice to force the blockade on Qatar a month ago, Trump, in a progression of tweets, appeared to back the move, saying his trek to the Middle East is “already paying off” after he “expressed there can never again be funding of radical Ideology”.

“I made a speech in Saudi. I said we got the opportunity to quit funding of terrorism. They [Qatar] were known as funders of terrorism. We can’t have well off nations funding terrorism,” Trump said in Wednesday’s interview.

He went to Saudi Arabia in May on the primary leg of his first foreign outing since taking office and held a progression of meetings with the king and other Arab and Muslim leaders.

Amid the two-day visit, Trump additionally signed an arms deal with Saudi Arabia worth practically $110bn.

A month ago, the United States and Qatar signed a deal for the buy of F-15 fighter jets with an underlying expense of $12bn.

On Thursday, the White House said Trump addressed the Saudi King Salman by phone and talked about endeavors to determine the dispute.

The counter Doha quartet issued a rundown of 13 demands that included closing down Qatar’s Al Jazeera Media Network; separate every asserted tie with the Muslim Brotherhood and with different groups, including Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and ISIL (otherwise called ISIS), limiting Qatar’s ties with Iran and ousting Turkish troops positioned in the country.

Qatar prevents the charges from claiming extremism and called the demands “unrealistic”.

Noura al-Kaabi, the UAE minister for the federal national committee, said the Emirates sought “fundamental change and restructuring” of Al Jazeera as opposed to close it.

“The staff at the channel can keep their jobs and Qatar can in any case finance a TV channel yet not one which gives a platform to fanatics and where the English channel is a protective shield for the great deal more radical Arabic one,” Kaabi disclosed to The Times.

Foreign representatives, including US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, went to the local and called for guide converses with fathoming the emergency.

Amid Tillerson’s visit to Doha, Qatar and the US additionally signed the consent to help battle “terrorism financing”.