Lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) are the most neglected section of the society. Their community is incredibly diverse. Some transgender people identify as male or female and some identify as gender queer, nonbinary, agender, or somewhere else on or outside of the spectrum of what we understand gender to be.  Initially such people were not accepted by the society but now in many of the countries around the world, the respective government are taking initiatives to give these people rights and make the society realize their existence so that like others, their life is also cherished.

Apart from just government there are many organisations or associations that work for the rights of the people belonging to LGBT group. Humsafar trust is one such organisation that works for the LGBT community and to make them feel safe and happy. Besides providing crisis management and counselling services, Humsafar trust, one of India’s oldest male health and LGBT organisations, will also try to influence policy formulations and reformation of laws concerning the community. NGO SPACE is also one such organisation that works for such communities. People belonging to the LGBT community generally lack social acceptance and are often pressurised by their families and relatives to live like other people, get married and have children which is actually not possible them and then they gradually detach them from the society.

Recently a fashion show was organized at New Delhi by NGO SPACE where transgenders walked the ramp dressed as their favourite stars and the event was named as ‘ticket to bollywood’ . the event aimed at providing the community a platform to showcase their talent. A huge crowd witnessed the event including many eminent personalities. The event also saw launch of another project meant for schools to sensitise them to transgenders through workshops and booklets. Among the people who walked the ramp some said that “even they want to perform on stage and they also dream of dancing, acting or working in fields of their interest but it is very difficult for transgenders to gain acceptance or even get a chance to work or perform somewhere.”  Expressing her gratitude and happiness, one from the community of transgender said “this event gave us chance to showcase our talent. People need to see that we are no different from the rest.”

Such events and such communities should be promoted not only in India but throughout the world to give recognition to the LGBT community so that they also can live a good life with social acceptance and free from all kinds of fear.