Cricket in itself is the game of sportsman spirit but whenever it comes in the headline 24/7 due to some controversies Australia is mostly involved. I don’t know what to say but the dominance of Australia in cricket whether in the field or outside is the reason where they are today.

No offence I am not taking away any credit from them but the fact is the nature to win anyhow by hook or crook is the reason for their decline, yes decline because when two of your best batsman not of your country but of the world cricket gets banned then it’s not only the black for cricket Australia but for the rest of the cricketing world.

Now the biggest question is from where did they get these all? And the answer is very simple it all started with rising of the Rickey Ponting era and the end of the Steve Waugh era, what Smith and Warner did in Cape Town test was the legacy forwarded from Ponting to Smith. All of us knew the “Monkey-gate” scandal and the whole incident how Ponting pressurized the board to favor Australians and the decision made in that test was completely shocking. If the board should have taken the strict decision against the Aussies 10 years back, then the present Australian team would not have even dared to do so, but it is said that what goes around comes around and Aussies are getting the taste of their own medicine.

One month back India travelled to South Africa through India lost the test series by 2-1 but they put on a great fight, here I mean cricketing fight seen from both the teams were outstanding but this Australia tour to South Africa since the first test is in limelight for other reason except cricket, whether misbehave with AB de Villiers, de Kock and Warner involved in fight in dressing room, Rabada-Smith battle and now Ball tempering.

Did you even imagine that the Aussie which is called the world champion will cheat the game? They properly planned during the tea break and Cameron Bancroft was given the responsibility to rub the ball with yellow strip so that the one side of ball lose its shape and Aussies would get the benefits of reverse swing and they could manage to restrict South Africa under 200. As per ICC rule smith is charged to ban for a test match and 100% match fees and Bancroft gets a warning from ICC and 75% of his match fees was deducted but Australian prime minister took it as a pride of the Nation and he intervened in this ball tempering matter and asked Cricket Australia to act harshly on those cricketers who are involved in the cheating and Cricket Australia acted as per the orders by sports commission of Australia who funds all the sports for them.

After the full investigation on the afternoon of 28th March, Warner and Smith were banned for 1 year and they cannot be captain of the side for 2 years and Bancroft was banned for 9 months, just after that IPL committee also announced that these two cricketers are not eligible to play IPL this year. Cricket Australia set an example by punishing their leadership group that these type of activity is not at all acceptable in the australian society whether by the board or their fans.