The Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh presented it’s maiden Uttar Pradesh budget of rupees 3,84,659 crore in assembly of Tuesday, marking rupees 36,000 forward for a loan waiver for farmer. The finance minister Rajesh Agarwal presented the budget of 2017-2018 which envisages 10.19% more  alocations than the previous one. he also Reiterated the Bhartiya Janta Party is government commitment to the Welfare of farmers and marginalised section of society many scheme including rupees 300 crore Urban Development Scheme and rupees 380 crore Malin Basti Development Scheme, have been name after Bharatiya Jana Sangh ideologue late Deen Dayal Upadhyay, who has centenary year is being celebrated by the ruling Bhartiya Janta Party in a big way Aggarwal set a government proposed to recruit 1.5 Lakh policeman 791.83 crore for the scholarship to boys and girls from the minority community.

A revenue target of rupees 17,458,34 crore can be set for the stamp and registration department while another rupees 5,481,20 crore is proposed to be collected through taxation on vectors or revenue target of rupees 20,593,23 crore has been set for excise department, a major money spinner for the state. The government has also a mark rupees 36000 for a loan waiver for farmers, I promise it may during the February March assembly poll.

The Minister said that the chief minister has set a target of 10% growth of state economy in 5 years. As many as rupees hundred crore are supposed to be spent on distribution of school bags uniforms and books for school children rupees 19444 on server Shiksha Abhiyan rupees 2,054 crore on Mid day meals rupees 551 Crore on Secondary Education rupees 191 crore on higher education, rupees 52 crore on hostel meant for other backward class today and rupees 394 crore on modernization of recognize madrasas. Soon after the budget presentation, the Chief Minister told media person that as per BJP’s commitment focused on farmer, youth, women and marginalised section of society. Adityanath said” result of budgetary provision will start showing on state development very soon” :- Uttar Pradesh budget .