The US military forces dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb at Afghanistan on Thursday. The GBU-43 BOMB is considered to be the mother of all bombs and has been used for the first time ever in combat. The MOAB (massive ordnance air blast bomb which contains 11 tonnes of explosives was dropped by US to target Islamic state militants in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. The bomb was dropped by an MC-130 aircraft, operated by the Air force special operations command.

The bomb was dropped on a cave that is believed to have Islamic state fighters. As per the statement of afghan defence ministry, approximately 36 Islamic state militants have been killed. After the bombing, US and afghan forces began clearing operations in the targeted area. There is no doubt that US has taken the fight against the Islamic state very seriously and to a higher level. This is not the first time when US has proved it’s strength and determination to fight against terrorism and anything that causes threat to the nation. The US military is currently facing widespread concerns that its accelerated bombing campaigns in Syria, Iraq and Yemen are increasing civilian casualties. The 17 march strike on a building in Mosul is currently under investigation after killing scores of Iraqis.

The psychological effect on survivors or observers is considered an added impact of the weapon. The best part is that the operation was carried on very meticulously and there is no sign of any harm to civilians living in the area.

US president while talking to reporters said that “everyone is aware of what has happened and my part is only that I authorize our military and rest all know that we have the greatest military in the world and they have done their job to the best level as always”. Trump further added that he does not know if the strike sends any message to North Korea but that definitely is not going to make any difference and US will take care of this issue as well. The strike is a part of the continuous and ongoing efforts by US to defeat the increasing terror of IS.