The United States imposition of sanctions on Russia was met with a tough response when 700 US diplomats were kicked out by Putin last month. Despite Trumps desire to improve the bilateral relations between the two countries, the diplomatic rife continues.

The footsteps can be traced backed to the Russian interference in the US elections back in 2016 and other controversial issues like the phone call of Michael Flynn. However on July 27 US decision to react over the on going Ukraine issue by Senate voting to increase sanctions on Russia by a margin of 98-2 was the beginning of the diplomatic game of tie for tat.

The bill was sent to President Trump, however his reluctance in signing the bill was evident. Russia retaliated by expelling 755 United States diplomats and two American diplomatic facilities were taken away.

However, Trump looked at this move from a different angle and he thanked Russia saying it was in favour of United States. President Trump told the reporters that Putin had done a favour to the United States as it would cut down the payrolls and would in fact save a huge amount of money. We do not know how much money it will save however most of them were not fired but reassigned.

The US further announced the shutting down of the Russian consulate in Washington and offices in San Francisco and New York. The Russians promised a tough response to this move by Washington. Almost immediately after several hours of the announcement the new Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov arrived in Washington.

On Thursday,  US released a statement giving Russia 48 hours to comply in order to reduce tensions between the two countries.

A senior Trump administration official said that by Saturday, the Russians must close their consulate in San Francisco and an official residence there. Though Russia can keep its New York consulate and Washington embassy, trade missions housed in satellite offices in both of those cities must shut down.The official briefed reporters on a conference call on condition of anonymity.

However, US still hopes that Russia would refrain itself from any further retaliation. The State Department’s Ms. Nauert said, “The United States hopes that having moved toward the Russian Federation’s desire for parity, we can avoid further retaliatory actions by both sides”.