Are the US and North Korea preparing for a third world war amidst showing off their military might?

This question arose when the US flew B-1b bombers, along with fighter jets from South Korea over North Korea, clearly signalling that the United States is greater in military might than any other country in the world, even as North Korea landed several of its nuclear test missiles over neighboring nations South Korea and Japan in various bombing tests over the past few months.

These missile tests had even triggered tremors of the quake that were felt across neighboring countries Japan and China.

In response to this, there has been a continuing war of words between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, the respective leaders of the United States and North Korea, in which both exchanged heated comments and threats over International media.

As experts pointed out, this is a clear indication that the war sparked by Jong Un’s missile tests in Japan and his threats to America, is nowhere to end by means of diplomacy, though US high officials in the United States said the opposite.

The US fears North Korea’s growing military might by way of their nuclear weapons, and the President has asked the people to be prepared for war if it does happen.

The Korean leader Kim Jong-Un clearly told local and international media that the country was preparing to land its missiles and destroy the US mainland, which had brought him and his country much condemnation and threats from leaders worldwide.