Gau Rakshak

The incidents related to cow vigilance such as the recent one at Alwar district of Rajasthan, where the man Pehlu Khan was dragged out of his vehicle and was lynched brutally by a mob claiming to be cow protectors. Such incidents have occurred in past as well when a man named Mohammad Akhlaq was beaten up to death just on the basis of suspicion of storing beef at his house and also the Dalits who were attached at east Godavari and they were only doing their traditional profession of skinning the already dead cow. The gau rakshaks dals are in news for the past few months following a series of incidents in which beef-eaters and those purportedly indulging in cow meat business have been targeted.

Bringing the issue into limelight a congress leader, columnist and model, Tahseen Poonawala filed a PIL in supreme court asking the court to take proper and immediate actions against violent and unjust group of people creating lot of atrocities and torturing people especially the minor and dalits in the name of protection of cows and other bovine species. The petition has also pointed out that how some state governments provide these cow vigilantes with identity cards.  The parliament further witnessed a lot of chaos on this issue. The supreme court after listening to all the points and taking the matter into consideration, has directed  the central government and six states which included the state of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh to file their written responses to the PIL petition for initiating criminal action against the vigilante groups.

Its high time now and the rule of the group of people who actually are creating violence and tormenting people in the name of man handling and vigilance should come to an end. Supreme Court should take this issue seriously and respond to it meticulously. It has seeked for response on plea for reining in cow vigilantes from the states on the scheduled date of hearing that is on May 3rd.