Union Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Radha Mohan Singh was caught in the uncouth act of ‘urinating in public’ which was captured on camera, this Thursday.

The photograph quite embarrassingly went viral on Social Media, and Twitter users reacted rapidly with full interest.


This act of Ignorance, Embarrassment and Disregard for maintaining social etiquette and behaving sensibly to the hygienic norms of the society was full-fledged, and that coming from a Union Minister was shocking.

He not only flouted the rules of living in a society, but also posed as an insult to the Swachh Bharat Campaign that was led by none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, to make India clean, especially focusing on sanitation in the present era.

Going by the pictures, this minister is seeing urinating on the walls of what seems like as a school, during his tour in Motihari, Bihar. A Security Official is seen guarding him as Singh urinated on the wall.

Advocate Somnath Bharti said later that day on Twitter, “In the event that the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi is not kidding about Swachhata Abhiyan, then he should look for clarification from this particular minister.”

Jas Oberoi commented, “Truth be told individuals ought to value that Radha Mohan Singh figured out how to pee with dhoti ON. #NotInMyName.”

One Tip One Hand_ had to say, “BJP Minister Radhamohan establishing framework stone of #SwachhBharat Abhiyaan.”

Ajith said, “Peenal move ought to be made against Radha Mohan Singh.”

This was an act of un-education and lack of shame to mock the very campaign that the present government is working on, thereby stand as an insult to not just the BJP Party, but also Narendra Modi in general.