On August 8, 2017,Rajya Sabha saw four adjournments within its four hours as the Congress, supported by Janata Dal (United) and Trinamool Congress blamed Reserved Bank of India (RBI) of being printing two types of Rs.500 notes in two different sizes. Led by Kapil Sibbal and backed by JDU’s Sharad Yadav, Congress also named it “The Biggest Scam of the Century”. Congress also blamed that, scam is the only main reason behind demonetisation. Leader of the House and the Finance minister, Arun Jaitely said that Congress has been raising baseless issues in the Rajya Sabha without giving prior notices to stall zero hour.

The opposition blamed that this has : “Jeopardised the credibility of the Indian currency” and demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should come clear on this issue. Opposition also demanded the government to explain : where, why and how the two different types of notes were printed, as this issue raises questions over the financial structure of the country. Congress leader Kapil Sibbal also said that the party will keep flagging this topic in Rajya Sabha till the government comes clear on it.
Now the questions have been raised among the people’s mind. People are unaware about which one is real note and which one is fake. Now the public is waiting for the clarification on this issue by government or Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Similar noisy scenes were also heard when the question hour was taken by Chairman, Hamid Ansari who adjourned the proceeding for another fifteen minutes.
After the issue was raised in Rajya Sabha, RBI spokesperson Alpana Killawala, said that “ It is likely that notes with printing defects has got released due to the current rush. However, people can freely accept such a note in transaction or return it to RBI”. RBI also said that two types of notes printed were never printed in differnet sizes, It is just the printing defect that would have come due to the rush during the time of demonetisation. This was what RBI had to say about the issue and the clarification from the government is yet to come.