Delhi High court issues a verdict regarding the Tuseed.

Questionable reasons for rejection of the candidate.

NSUI demands an extension of election date.



On Friday, the Delhi High Court announced its verdict regarding Rocky Tuseed a National Students Union of India candidate to contest for the 2017 DUSU elections. The elections are due on 12th September which leaves the NSUI candidate limited time for election campaign however the verdict came as a relief for NSUI.

Rejection Of NSUI candidate questioned

The candidate Rocky Tuseed’s nomination was rejected on the basis of some anonymous complaint. This move on the part of Delhi University was even questioned by the Delhi High court during the hearing.

The judge stated, “The petitioner says he was warned by Shivaji College and it was not a disciplinary action, which this court is finding to be true. By no stretch of the imagination, it can be put as a disciplinary action”.

“Victory Of Democracy”, says NSUI

The NSUI celebrated their victory in North campus calling the verdict a victory for democracy. “The BJP and the ABVP do not want a democratic contest and try to win elections through intimidation, violence and subversion of all democratic values. The judiciary has stood for justice and now the students of Delhi University will stand for democracy,” NSUI member stated.

NSUI have lost a lot of time and since Saturday and Sunday is a declared holiday in Delhi University NSUI has demanded an extension, the elections ends at 8:30 am on 12th September.

However having lost campaigning time NSUI has asked for an extension of the election date, the NSUI has released a statement saying, “Our candidate has lost two full days of campaign time. The university is closed over the weekend and campaigning has to end by 8.30 a.m. on Monday. This leaves our candidate with no time to campaign. This is against the principles of free and fair elections”.