Trump’s Move to repeal DACA takes the Twitterati on the debate!

The trump government on Tuesday decided to repeal a move under which immigrants who came to the US before the age of 16 were eligible for taking up jobs in the U.S. The Deferred Action for Children Arrival (DACA) came in effect under the reign of former U.S. president Barack Obama.The move is likely to affect more than 8 Lakh undocumented DACA immigrants that include well over 7000 Indian-Americans.

Repealing of DACA by the Trump government has brought him world -wide contemplation from the people as well as President Obama himself, who slammed him for his decision.Microsoft and Apple have collectively termed these people as ‘Dreamers’-undocumented individuals who have been in the US since they were young and registered with the federal government to get work permits.

Apple CEO Tim Cook in a tweet pledged they would support their employees in every possible way. ‘Our employees will get all the support from our side, including advice from immigration experts. Apple will fight for its “dreamers”.’

He further tweeted, ‘dreamers contribute to our companies and community just as much as you and I. Apple will fight for them to be treated as equals. 250 of my coworkers are dreamers. I stand with them. They deserve our respect as equals and a solution rooted in American values.’

“You’re going to have to go through us to deport Dreamers who work here,” read a statement by Microsoft, adding that it will stick by its employees even in court, if they are affected in any way the new policy.

Top company heads Mark Zuckerberg, Brad Smith and Sundar Pichai took to twitter to show their support for the DACA immigrants. They encouraged them to voice their opinions and asked the Congress to act fast to undo the new law and resolve the issue as fast as it can.

Meanwhile, people have biased opinions on the issue. While some totally discouraged Trump’s move to deport the DACA immigrants, some are even of the view that those who entered America illegally must be deported, and that Trump has done the right thing by taking up this issue.

Our Opinion

Though these immigrants entered the U.S. illegally, they have now issued work permits and are permanent residents of the United States. Their deportation may cause a state of chaos in the country and can bring the victims of the law to streets. Hence their deportation must not come underway. However, if much required, the Trump government can ban the law, be disallowing future immigration of undocumented children.