No More “Talaq Talaq Talaq”

Since the long time people in India are debating on triple talaq and uniform civil code but the debate has yielded no fruit. In spite of long discussions and the chaos in entire country over the issue of triple talaq, no conclusion was yet met. A ray of hope can be seen after the president of all India Muslim personal law board has said that the board will end the practice of triple talaq itself in one and a half years and therefore the government should no more interfere in the matter.

Kalbe Sadiq while speaking to the reporters at the residence of the district civil bar association at Bijnor on Tuesday advised the Muslims against eating beef.  He further accepted that the triple talaq system is unfair to Muslim women but above all it is a personal matter of the Muslim community and the people concerned to it will solve it themselves within one and a half years. He said that Muslims religious books do not allow beef eating so it should be avoided. He also praised the idea of banning cow slaughter and said that if government enact laws on beef eating and slaughtering Muslims would definitely welcome it, but he condemned the illegal activities of cow vigilantes and demanded that it should come to an end.

Sadiq spoke on various issues related to Muslims among which triple talaq was majorly highlighted and he assured that within the community itself they will resolve the issue nd dissolve triple talaq but strongly opposed intervention of government. Talking over the issue of Ram temple, he said the dispute should come to an end by now and some compromise should take place as it is high time now. He even said that Muslims should not insist to mosque building on the place where the temple is to be built, as it would create peaceful environment throughout the country. He further added that Muslim leaders are responsible for the poor state of community. In conclusion he said that India needs to stand united irrespective of caste and religion so as to become a prosperous nation.