Being born as a transgender is always a struggle, and, to be born in a country like India, were even men and women are discriminated adds to the problem. It’s not about being born as a transgender is crime, NO, transgender are born naturally just like men and women. They are no different. They are perfect and the SOCIETY needs to accept it.

Where, in today’s time we are talking about equal rights and equality for everyone. Our very own political leaders are making it difficult for us achieve these goals. They are busy deciding who is to wear what. Where he bluntly suggests that transgenders are neither men nor women so they should be dressing like men do, they should wear shirts and pants. IF NOT DRESSING LIKE WOMEN, WHY TO DRESS LIKE MEN EITHER? Unknowingly, violating someone basic rights which the constitution provides them. When talking about dress code for transgenders why to forget that in many cooperate sectors its compulsory for females  to wear shirt and pant as a formal dress code. Now, will anyone start questioning that too?

Ramdas Athawale in a meeting with the members of transgender Community suggested-“They can wear shirt  and pant. They should be wearing men’s dress”. This sentence make us wonder that does someone’s way of dressing describes his/her gender or there are particular dress codes assigned to particular gender?

As the comment gathered attention for large masses and gained limelight, the minister immediately clarified and altered his comment saying that he was just advising and they have all the freedom to wear anything they want.

Vidya Rajput of the Third gender Welfare Board in Chhattisgarh, stood strongly against the comment and said that nobody can question the right of the transgender community or any other individual.

“I don’t understand that how can people in his position question my rights. The constitution gives me the choice to wear or not to wear a saree. It is my personal choice.”- Vidya Rajput’ Third Gender Welfare Board.

“He should have thought through it before saying anything in public”- she added.

With respect to Athawale latest comment, he stands contradicting his own earlier comments were he was talking about making efforts to soon pass the transgender Bill, which will seek to empower the community by providing with a separate identity. At one end he talks about the problem the transgender face in the day to day work place and school, and, at the other end he talks about passing the bill in favor of transgender which will help them to have equal rights in the society.