The ongoing dera violence has left thousands stranded at the New Delhi railway station for days with limited food, as 650 trains were cancelled due to fear of riots in Punjab and Haryana.

Out of these 650, 190 were passenger trains, mostly between Delhi, Chandigarh and Haryana.

A few days earlier, dera followers had set buses and trains ablaze, showing their frustration over the conviction of dera chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insaan following allegation of rape against him.

Road and rail transport has come to a sudden halt, leaving commuters no option of travel between these states.

Hundreds could be seen waiting in vain for trains at the New Delhi railway station, sleeping on the platform, or just strolling about impatiently. Some even had to stay overnight.

In the wake, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said on his monthly radio programme Mann Ki baat that violence in the name of religion would not be tolerated. Anyone found doing the same is liable to be punished, as noone is above the law.

On Monday, most colleges in and around Delhi are closed due to fear of more violence as it being the day for the quantum of punishment to be decided for Baba, and dera followers have threatened to destroy Delhi if Baba is punished.