In recent times, web series have made their position concrete by giving tough competition to the mainstream daily soaps. Characterised by their free writing spirit and fresh thoughts these web series have attracted a wide audience. Some of the must-watch web series are listed below:-

   1. Laakhon Mein Ek

The story revolves around a 15-year-old boy Aakash. Followed by the pressure of his parents and society he ends up in an IIT coaching where he is a misfit. His inability to cope up the studies and hardship of engineering studies he is placed in the notorious D section. In this journey, he’s accompanied by his roommates Chudail and Bakri. The story is set in a frame which shows the reality of today’s education system.

   2. Pitchers

Taking a start from its famous wordings “Tu beer hai!” the shows already creates its impact on the audience. It is about the hindrances and problems faced by four entrepreneurs who leave their jobs and aims towards a startup. The series heads towards their journey which is a mix of satires and their passion towards their work. This series definitely stands out from the mainstream web.

  1. Bose: dead/alive

The show is based on the life of Subhash Chandra Bose and the mystery of his alleged death. Featuring Rajkumar Rao as Bose is an ultimate delight. It maintains to keep the audience on their toes.

   4. Permanent Roommates

One of the favorites on YouTube, the story revolves around the relationship of Tanya and Mikesh. The two leads of the show have completely different personalities. After being in a long distance relationship for 3 years, Mikesh returns to Tanya with the proposal of marriage. The young couple goes through some hilarious situations still trying to maintain their relationship. The series offers a second season as well but fails to do the magic that tvf is known for.

   5. Aam Aadmi Family

The show has successfully installed two seasons. The Indian media fails to recognize the basic structure of an Indian middle-class family. The show excels in its simplicity and yet holds the interest of the audience. The show revolves around the everyday problems that Sharma family goes through and their struggle to find their solutions.

   6. Baked

Breaking the false portrayal of youth in today’s Indian television, the show is set in a simple relatable setting. The show revolves around three DU students who get a business idea of starting midnight food services to earn some extra cash. The show is characterized by its comedy in the mere randomness of life.

   7. Tripling

Another masterpiece from TVF tries to showcase the bond between three siblings who have walked in different directions of life. After a long time, the circumstances have made these siblings go on a trip together. Comedy kicks in when these three start their adventure to find more from life.

   8. Inside Edge

The popular series of amazon prime is one of the rare cricket based series. The screen is shared by few best actors of Bollywood such as Richa Chadha, Vivek Oberoi, Angad Bedi and Sayani Gupta. The show sets itself around a fictional T20 team Mumbai mavericks where everyone is guided by their own selfish interest. The series leaves no stone unturned from sex, money to power play in politics.

   9. The Test Case

The story revolves around the character Captain Shikha Sharma played by Nimrat Kaur, who is preparing to be Indian Army’s first female test case in a combat role. Nimrat kaur is a delight to watch from her acting to going an extra mile for the show. the show defines the strength of women at a completely different level. The show’s uniqueness makes it a must watch web series.

   10. What the folks

The show portrays an amazing mix of emotions and a sweet confusion. The story starts when a guy named Nikhil moves in with his in-laws in Mumbai for some work while his wife Anita continues to stay in Delhi. Unlike the men’s world, it does play with the role reversal of sexes but offers a new set of funny situations that Nikhil goes through.

   11. Men’s world

The show gives a fresh view of gender equality. The character Kiran who always complains about unnecessary benefits given to women in the name of feminism. Frustrated with his life he wishes to change the society and it’s working. Wish granted, the very next day he notices complete role reversal of genders. The small details provided about the behavior of different sexes in the Indian society really lifts up the show.

   12. FLAMES

This new entrant in the web series is set in a tuition center. The show takes you back to the 90s nostalgia and setting of the previous days of teenage love. The show is narrated by the head of the coaching institution by the use of old chart hits of Bollywood. The show is about friendship, love and heartbreak but the innocence of characters keep you hooked.

   13. Time Out

Time Out is the current age story of a 30-year-old married couple Rahul and Radha. But what looks like a perfect marriage, they have reached a breaking point. After putting all their saving in their first home, the couple is trying for a baby. All this is lead by emotional breakdowns, financial issues and questioning their own decisions.

   14. Bang Baaja Baaraat

This web series is no less than a well-filmed movie. It has some popular faces such as Ali Fazal of the ‘Fukrey’ fame. As the modern relationships have taken a new face, the series focuses on the young couple which instantly feels the spark and decides to get married unaware of what life has in store for them.

   15. Breathe

This newly released great thriller is offered by amazon prime. A gripping tale of a dad (played by R. Madhavan) turning to his darkest side to save his son. Amit sadh also showcases his acting skills by playing a cop who’s an emotional mess. The series is critiqued for its writing but stands out due to the performances delivered.