‘I Fear the Day that Technology Will Surpass Our Human Interaction’, this famous quote by Albert Einstein does not only send chills through our spins but also makes us rethink about  the modern technology. Transformation of the world from an age of hand delivered letters to mails and video calls at just a touch of a button has captivated the world audience in such a manner that we cannot seem do without it. Well with everything at ease and our dependence on it has made us all the more vulnerable.

The closed door of our own homes can no longer eliminate the threat from outside, terrorism has taken a whole new turn with new threats arising from your cyber space and technology. Edward Snowden an American whistle blower revealed chilling facts about the misuse of technology by government, this only leaves us with tons of questions and fear for our own security.

In 2015 an online game went viral in Russia leading to more than 100 cases of suicides. The game was called blue whale, depicting the death of many blue whales in beaches. The game was called Blue whale challenge which went with one challenger and the other participant and in the span of 50 days various tasks were completed by the participant and the 50th task was to take his/her own life. This game is not only a sick manipulation of vulnerable children and young adults but also a form of bully threatening and blackmailing the participants if they blackout.

There has been recent reports of deaths in Mumbai, Chennai and has been connected directly to the game. The government has taken strict action to remove all links from various social media sites and close any account linked to it.

The pace digitalisation is hard to keep up, with all the information found online and our very existence linked to digital number, we should be well aware of the treats it poses. Digital life has been glamorised way too much for us to realise its threats. How aware are we about our cyber security? Living in a digital world we cannot do away with it as we are dependent on it and if not it has become a way of living but what we can do is take measures to secure you and your loved ones.