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February 23, 2020

The woman who died with all her money demonetized.

Sathi Bai, who was all over the news in January  about having 4 lakh demonetized money with her and she didn’t knew about the center’s demonetization, passed away at Varapuzha in Ernakulam district on Thursday night. She had her horrific nightmare living of becoming her 4 lakh rupees becoming illegal after that midnight. She made all her efforts but was not able to convert her money into new currency until her last breath. She was living all alone in a
small house at Kerala’s Ernakulam district, she retired 20 years back from the state veternity department. She had no contacts with the outside world neither she had kept any contact with her relatives. “We had formed an action committee, arranged all the documents and went to Chennai with her to get it exchanged. But there they said that
the time limit was over and they needed permission from the Ministry. We also approached the ministry and gave petitions regarding this. But nothing was fruitfull”- one of the panchayat member told the sources.
The panchayat member added –“She was suffering from heart and kidney diseas, we shifted her to a care home a few weeks ago since she was very weak. We were there with her when she was shifted to hospital also. She died on Thursday night”. She was more of a home sick person who use to keep in during majority of hours of the day and came out only when she wanted to buy vegetables and groceries.  She didn’t knew anything about demonetization and that not even the people around her told her about the demonetization when the whole of India was debating
about it. She got to know about it when the shopkeeper starting rejecting her note. She took all the amount of money she possessed to the bank all in 500 and 1000 rupees notes. “That day, she was waiting outside the bank, even before it opened. She has an account here, and comes frequently to withdraw her pension. Each time, she withdraws a minimal amount” said a bank employee.“She had a whole bundle of banned currency notes with her. We were
helpless as the deadline for exchanging old notes had already passed. It has been extended only for NRI accounts.”
“When we told her the same, she was very angry and made quite a scene “ he added. Her neighbors said that she was not more of a social person neither did she liked anyone in her house. Whenever she was asked about the bank incident she used to say it never happened and neither she haveany money with her. Many officials offered her help but all we know is that she departed with all her money left as illegal tender.

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