Sir Nicholas Winton, was invited to a TV show and, there, everybody stood up for him, but he had no clue why everybody stood up. He had a secret which he kept hidden for last 50 years. Even his wife didn’t know about this until she found his book in the attic. Sir Winton saved lives of 669 Jewish children from the Holocaust, in 1938. He did all of this single handedly. The diary contained the names along with the photos of all those 669 kids which he saved. He brought all of them to Britain from Czechoslovakia and helped those kids find new families in Britain. Most of the children’s parents would Perish in the Auschwitz concentration camp.

His wife gave this book to a journalist who invited him to a TV show. Sir Winton didn’t know that all the people in the audience along with him were the children he rescued 50 years ago. Now, they all grew up as young men and women who came personally to thank him for what he did for them. They all stood up together and clapped for him. It was such a surprising and emotional moment for him that it brought tears to Mr. and Mrs. Winton eyes. Mr. Winton left us for his final journey in 2015 at the age of 106.

We need more of such good and helping people in the society. After knowing all this, it shows that there is still some good left in the world to believe in. Mr. Winton sets an example for all of us to go back in the history and read what true humanity should be like that we should never be racist with our thoughts. Keeping this as our mentality will help all of us save humanity and build a stronger faith in humanity. As the situations prevailing all over the globe, we will be needing such people in our society to make people develop a sense of love and affection not only towards their people but to all of the mankind. We need such people with selfless attitude who help people out of the way and proves to be the saviours of the humanity and to fight against the evils of the society and make this world a better place than ever before.