We all know that birthdays are very special for us we want to celebrate it with our friends and family and feels to be gifted on our birthdays. So do Resham wanted to be on her 21st birthday but what she was gifted with was something she will never forget.

Resham Khan living in Beckton, East London, was attacked with acid on her 21st birthday along with her cousin Jameel Muhktar while she was out with him celebrating her birthday. They were waiting at a red light on a tollgate road when a man threw acid from her window and repeated the same with her 37 year old cousin. The liquid pierced through their skin. Clothes and some parts of their car.

“The pain was excruciating”, Resham Khan tweeted.

“I saw my clothes burning infront of me”- she said.

“He(Jameel) put his foot down as we were coming onto a dual carriage way but the pain took over and we creashed. We stripped off in the middle of the road, running around and begging for water. We did this for 45 minutes. No ambulance came” – she added. They were escorted to the hospital by a passer-by and they were immediately transferred to a burn specialist.

Resham Khan had severe burns on her face, body and her left eye was majorly damaged. She needs a skin grafting now said her friend. Resham always wanted to be a model but now her dreams look a bit blurry to her, we all will think that this incident would have broken her so much but what we don’t know is that she has taken this incident very bravely and patiently and too with a pinch of humor to it, her twitter posts suggests that.


Her cousin (Jameel) stated that if this incident would have been done by an Asian this would have been all over the news. He also added that he thinks it has to do something with the Islamophobia.

On Thursday, police released a photo of a  24 year old man. John Tomlin, who was described as a 6ft tall man with white skin with short fair hair.

After all this incident Resham received so many messaged over social media for her faster recovery and people telling her that they all are with her. To which she replied through a tweet that these messages have warmed heart so much and helped her so much to take things positively. She also said that these messages have strengthened her very much. 0