The tussle between congress and bjp has again started, the time the reason of dispute is the Rajya Sabha elections of Gujrat.
The voting for the 3 seats of Rajya Sabha was held in Gujarat legislative Assembly. The constitution of India has laid down the process of Rajya Sabha election in Article 80(4). This is consider one of the most complex procedures of election which is done Proportional Representation by the means single transferable vote. It should be noted that the nominated members in the Assembly does not take part in voting.

The current dispute :-

The voting was held today for three Rajya Sabha seats. The counting of the votes was scheduled to start at 5 pm, but it has still not started. The reason is that congress has claimed that 2 of its MLA’s have cross voted in the election. It is said that they had shown the ballot paper to the Amit Shah after filling it. This has also been recorded in the cctv camera. The Congress has asked the Election Commission to view the cctv footage and decide on its basis. In the case a ballot paper is shown to someone other than the polling agent, it is considered illegal. Hence the vote in such case is cancelled.
Hence the demand of Congress is to cancel the two votes.
The matter now lies with the Election Commission of India. The meeting is being held and it is being chaired by the Chief Election Commissioner Achal Kumar Jyoti. Various member of BJP and Congress are approaching the Election Commission’s office. Some of the dignitaries approaching are Ravi Shankar Prasad, Piyush Goyal and P. Chidambaram.

Now the Details :-

The Gujarat Assembly has total 182 seats.
Due to the resignation of 6 MLA’s of Congress, now there are total 176 members left.
Members of BJP – 121
Members of Congress – 31
Minimum number of votes for a candidate to win – 45
Due to which the seats of Amit Shah and Smriti Irani is confirm in the Rajya Sabha. But the third seat lies in contest between both the parties.
For the 3rd seat the contest is between Ahmed Patel and Balwant Singh. Balwant Singh has only 31 votes from his party members. The Congress has 51 seats in the Assembly but only 49 are with Mr. Patel. This was the reason these MLA’s were kept in Banglore. Ahmed Patel is also the political Secretary of Sonia Gandhi and considered very close to her.

Hence to win this election is a matter of prestige for the Congress Party, because if Sonia Gandhi can not even get her close associates into Rajya Sabha, then how will she lead the party in such moment of despair.

My opinion :-

I am infact ashamed of the way our democracy has turned. I am not a supporter of BJP or CONGRESS, but I can clearly see how a party which has only 31 members voting for the third seat is still claiming it’s victory (BJP) How?
The politics has become an instument of corruption. May i ask how many of politicians have visited the flodded areas of Gujrat? Has Ahmed Patel been there? Has Amit Shah been there for people in distress? The politics is now so called CHANAKYA RAJNEETI today it is being operated from AC chambers. This is the main reason why people like Vijay Malya once became the members of Rajya Sabha. The elections of Rajya Sabha is also corrupted.
Ravi Shankar Prasad is the law minister of our country, he has headed 3 times to the election commission, don’t you think it will pressurise the officers? The conditions and cases are same for the people of Congress. So the only question left with us today is