Talaq! Talaq! Talaq!

And lo! The marriage is broken. Years of dedication and sacrifice of the woman wasted by the man in 3 words uttered in frustration. How could this rule just make sense? As numerous Muslim countries rule out this unacceptable law from their constitution, India takes a step forward and gives its secularity a new identity- that of freedom and liberty for men and women alike.

Amidst all the chaos around the practice, with different groups having their own opinions, the Supreme Court of India on 22nd August, ’17 ruled out the practice of Triple Talaq from the Constitution of India forever, making it an unlawful act for Muslim men to finish their marriage by ushering three words of hatred.

But is this step enough to totally eradicate the practice from India?

No, as we all know, India is characterized for its illegal activities. What is banned by the constitution will be practiced by the masses for sure.

Days after the Supreme Court verdict on Triple Talaq being unconstitutional, Muslim communities are not even aware of the recent amendment. Those who are, simply refuse to agree with the law and say that they will continue to practice Triple Talaq within the community.

Most Muslims simply ruled out the SC judgment to stay firm over their religious teachings, unaware that Triple Talaq is unislamic, and now onwards, unlawful! Be it the men or the women of the Muslim communities, both turned their backs to the new amendment in law banning the practice.

Women were doubtful due to religious customs. In their opinion, Triple Talaq is permissible in The Holy Quran and hence if their husband ushers the three words, they are bound to leave the home to which they gave all their life.

Men were probably afraid that their powers will be taken away, binding them to the marriage for a lifetime.

Activists say lack of awareness made the people think this way. Movements are on to spread awareness among the mob and make them realize that Islam does not permit this practice.

Although Triple Talaq is banned by the Constitution, it would take time to bring the new law completely into effect.