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North Korea tests another powerful missile, Modi-Abe call for US action.

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation for the high speed bullet rail project connecting Ahmedabad and Delhi on Thursday, he, along with his Japanese Counterpart Shinzo Abe also condemned North Korea for testing long distance nuclear and ballistic missiles crossing Japanese borders. Expressing concern over threats posed by…

North Korea carries out sixth nuclear test of an alleged hydrogen bomb

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) earlier today said that it had tested an advanced hydrogen bomb successfully. This sharp escalation comes amid increasing tensions and hostility with the US, South Korea and Japan over missile testing by the North and military exercises by the South and the US….

North Korea continues advancements in missile technology

North Korea warned the US and South Korea of a “second Korean War” if they went ahead with their annual Ulchi-Freedom Guardian military exercises which commenced last Monday. This was in the backdrop of a recent heated exchange of fiery rhetoric between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader…