BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy once again voiced his opinion against the center’s move to link Aadhaar with mobile number to continue SIM card services, while also availing several government schemes and benefits.

In a tweet just a day after the Supreme Court’s asked the center to respond to a petition challenging the move, Swamy said that he would soon write a letter to PM Narendra Modi urging how compulsory a threat aadhaar is to our national security. He also tweeted that he was sure the SC would consider and strike down the move.

There have been several other petitions in the recent past questioning the security of SIM card users’ privacy in India when the government proposed that a U.S. company would design the software required to link these services. This had raised the obvious question of whether the user’s data was secure as this could grant America the access to mobile and SIM data.

In the past too, Subramanian Swamy has criticized aadhaar as being intrusive and susceptible to abuse particularly by U.S. intelligence agencies, who may use the information for common interest.

He (Swamy) had also recently supported an Apex court’s claim that the Right to Privacy is a fundamental right under Article 21 of the Indian constitution.


Our Opinion: We as responsible citizens of the country totally agree with Mr. Swamy and would voice our opinion regarding aadhaar linking with mobile services wherever needed.