Stephen Hawking has issued a statement cautioning that Donald Trump could be in charge of pushing the planet’s atmosphere ‘over the verge’. The widely renowned scientist and researcher hit out at the American president’s decision to haul out of the Paris agreement. Stephen Hawking expressed that it could prompt an irreversible unnatural weather change, which could transform the Earth into a hot and arid world like Venus. The notice corresponds with festivities of the physicist’s 75th birthday celebration. President Trump reported a month ago that the US would be pulling back from the Paris Agreement. Nearly 200 nations have beforehand consented to the carbon discharge reduction accord. Trump has expressed accord that he wishes to renegotiate the terms of the agreement with respect to other countries, to guarantee countries that the US economy and business are not harmed by it. In any case, Professor Hawking has cautioned that the choice could have critical outcomes. Addressing the BBC, Hawking stated: ‘We are near the tipping point where a worldwide temperature alteration ends up noticeably irreversible. ‘Trump’s activity could push the Earth over the edge, to wind up noticeably like Venus, with a temperature of two hundred and fifty degrees, and sprinkling sulphuric corrosion. ‘Environmental change is one of the immense threats we face, and it’s one that we can avert by mutual cooperation and understanding. ‘By denying the proof for environmental change, and hauling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, Donald Trump will cause much harm to his peoples and this wonderful planet, imperiling the normal world, for us and our kids.’ The forecasts come as Hawking commends his 75th birthday celebration.