An Indian guru, music producer, actor, director, leader of Dera Sacha Sauda and now a convict, Gurmeet Ram Rahim has left no stone unturned and with the recent events, this statement is proved further true. He is not only a self-named man of God, he makes his followers go through a process of gaining “maafi”. Gurmeet Singh has been found to be guilty of raping followers by the CBI court, this makes him fall down from the pedestal in the eyes of the educated but the lower castes who has been abandoned by the Sikhs, find him to be their one true “Pitaji”.

A follower sent an anonymous letter to Atal Bihari Vajpayee, speaking of all the wrongs done by Baba within the Dera. Baba had publicly renounced his family and sweared to celibacy but his family continues to live with him in the Dera. Ram Rahim has built an underground dungeon where he would mediate and secually exploit women calling it an act which granted them pardon (maafi). The blind faith in these women allowed them to believe in every single word he said. The trusted guard gang of women who stood outside his door didn’t let anyone hear about this cruel truth of the Dera. If the women did not given, they had to deal with death threats to themselves and their family, who wouldn’t want to save their family even when they would most definitely be giving up their dignity?

Baba Ram Rahim was a father to two daughters and a son before he denounced his family and in December, 2009 he adopted a third daughter, Honeypreet, a bubbly full of life girl. Ram Rahim had thrown a lavish party in his Dera Sacha Sauda camp where he told Vishwas Gupta that he accepted him as a son-in-law and Honeypreet, real name Priyanka Gupta, would be his daughter – Dharm beti.


Vishwas never would have imagined in his wildest dreams the reality behind his beloved “pita ji”. After being declared as a son in law, the special treatment he received by the Dera followers didn’t hurt so Gupta accepted the token of appreciation. Little did he know that Ram Rahim had his eyes set on Honeypreet Singh, and the announcement of her being his daughter was made to hide the illicit relationship between them.

Gupta saw the reality on a night in May of 2011 when he walked into Ram Rahim’s mistakenly open bedroom door where he found his wife, the apparent daughter, and “pita ji” in a compromising position. This view sucked all the air out of Gupta’s body, he was in shock but the bigger blow came when he was threatened by Baba that he would be killed if he didn’t keep shut. Gupta and his family were quick to leave the Dera immediately but Honeypreet was stuck.

Vishwas had filed a petition to the Haryana and Punjab High Court seeking the release of his wife from the Dera. On 5th October, 2011 India TV covered this incident in detail and at that time this revelation has created controversies. However, Honeypreet, even today stays in the Dera and not with her husband and family. She has also given up her real name Priyanka.

Baba Rahim himself got Vishwas and Priyanka married on the 14th of February, 1999 in Fatebad as Vishwas said in the report to India TV.

Vishwas was quick to question Baba on his actions as every time they stayed in a hotel, Baba would keep Priyanka in a room with him but Vishwas would be shown a different room. The court had asked Haryana DGP to take action in the matter.

The threats never stopped even after Vishwas moved out of the Dera and shifted into a rented home in Panchkula, the death threats were ever present. The operatives of Baba Ram Rahim never stopped intimidating Gupta. He was forced to apologise publicly at a Satsang held in 2014 in the Dera Sacha Sauda Complex. Even though they were forced to apologise, the case continued.

The duo apologised to Gurmeet in front of the crowd and said they had made the allegations under the influence of Dera protestors. It is said that Baba’ aides and the administration made so much pressure on Vishwas that the family decided to withdraw the case to save their lives.

To save their lives, Vishwas decided to withdraw the case and much to his dismay he had to lie, blaming the Dera protestors to have influenced him into creating such a case. The allegations were made to look false and Vishwas and his father were made to apologise to Baba Ram Rahim in front of the crowd, admitting that this case was their fault and Baba was still “as pure as God”.

My Opinion:

People of such demeanor do not deserve to breathe the fresh air of Mother Earth. The blind faith of the under priviledged is what keeps them breathing and sleeping restlessly. Changing the future of India is only through its key ingredient, Education. Without this change we will only know an India full of people covered in orange robes, chanting mantras off the top of their head and with a following of over 1 million and this will always cause more harm than good.

Change the Education system, Change India.