Should India set retirement age for government officials? Around 80% of Indian legislators are over 70 years old where as 70 for every penny of India’s populace is beneath 40 years old. The majority of the political gatherings have people who can be sorted as senior subjects on key or basic leadership positions. ‘Rishang Keishing’, a senior legislator is filled in as Member of Parliament till the age of 94. He was the most seasoned serving parliamentarian on the planet when he was resigned in 2014. There is a retirement age for public servants as well as private employees.So the same rules should be applied to politicians as well. Rather, it is direly felt these days that politics can be governed by the young blood of India. And the fact is however true as it has various supporting points. People’s representatives should be fit physically as well as psychologically.Politics involve a lot of travelling. One cannot rule the city by sitting at their office. Continuous travelling and visits require a lot of physical strength.Politicians should not take many leaves. Older politicians tend to take many leaves because of age related ailments.Young people are more flexible, adoptive and risk taking when compared to senior politicians. Despite having mostly negatives there are strong and effective positives of politician being an old person. Patience and diplomacy comes with age in general. Young politicians tend to be aggressive in taking decisions. Senior government officials have tremendous functional information about the issues in the nation. They have a tendency to wind up plainly more shrewd with age. In the event that there is a retirement age for government officials, this educated learning will go into vain. It’s time to give opportunity to young blood in administering the nation. However senior lawmakers ought to help the youthful government officials with their pragmatic information they learned through years. The vast majority of the created nations are putting stock in youthful pioneers. It’s a dynamic pattern, which should be actualized in India too.However, extreme choice to choose a man will be in the hands of open. Thus, there is no reason for setting as far as possible, where individuals can vote them out if the individual is not in a position to be an open delegate