Japanese Prime-minister the First-lady of Japan were given a warm welcome by Narendra Modi, who received them at the airport, and rode them through the streets of Ahmedabad in an open jeep, amidst a grand road show.

Shinzo Abe’s visit to India for the 10th Indo-Japan Annual Summit proved beneficial for both the countries, as various pacts and deals were signed between the two countries, of which the bullet train project was a major highlight.

Modi-Abe laid the foundation for the high speed rail corridor in the annual summit meeting held in Gandhi Nagar on Thursday.

The bullet train is a multi-billion dollar rail project expected to bridge the gap between Ahmedabad and Mumbai, and bring them closer by an average five hours. The project will be funded by a low-interest loan from Japan, and will set a new high in Indo-Japanese ties.

The train, which BJP tends to launch by the 75th independence day, that is, 15th august 2022, will reduce the travel time between Gujarat and Mumbai from 8 hours to a mere 5 hours. The bullet train will travel at an expected 350 Kmph, which is double the speed of India’s current running fastest trains. The bullet train, if it ever arrives (as this project is one of those airy ones used to distract media attention), will provide huge relief to a major crowd of passengers that travel between the two states frequently.

The Modi government also proposed a bullet-train between Delhi and Mumbai, but former railway head Vivek Sahai said that the financial investment required to build such a huge corridor means that traditional trains are not to go soon.

Abe, at the start of his visit, quoted that India is really special to Japan, paralleling what he said on an earlier visit, that India and japan were ‘Natural Partners’.

Abe’s fourth India Visit has brought the two countries closer together, in terms of both cultural and economical ties, as the Japanese first-couple were fed Indo-Japan fusion cuisine in Gujarat, including sushi-dhokla and sushi-khichdi in a specially designed menu for the Japanese Prime Minister.