AIADMK chief and Interim general secretary V.K. Sasikala was granted a 5-day parole by a TN court today, that accepted her plea to meet her ill husband.

Sasikala had earlier filed a 15-day parole application to meet her husband M. Natarajan, who according to reports, is seriously ill and has suffered liver and kidney failure, along with a medical certificate of Natarajan’s illness. However, jail officials had rejected her plea saying the application was incomplete, and that certificate signed by a gazetted officer, proving the illness of her husband, was not enclosed.

Sasikala was detained and convicted in February this year for kidnapping and forcibly detaining party MLAs, and keeping them in a resort against their wishes.

Police had registered a FIR based on the complaints of one of the kidnapped MLAs, who had somehow managed to escape from the resort where he was kept along with the others.

However, in an inquiry by the police, in which it took statements from each party MLA separately, some even responded in the negative and told the investigating officers that they were staying in the hotel of their own free will.

Sasikala’s parole, which is scheduled for five days from 7th to 11th October, although, came with its own set of restrictions.

  • The convict (Sasikala) is not allowed to go anywhere except the destined hospital where her husband is kept for treatment and is to stay in the residence allocated by the court.
  • She is not allowed by the court to have any media interactions, including press as well as electronic media.
  • She is prohibited from taking part in any party activities or meet any party members during the parole period.
  • Lastly, she is not allowed to entertain any visitors during the emergency parole period, as stated in the court notice.