AIADMK General Secretary and Convict V.K Sasikala Natarajan was on Wednesday accused of Bribing Karnataka director general of prison (DGP) Satyanarayana Rao at City Central Jail official for undue favour “Sasikala has given Rupees 1 crore bribe to Rao and another one crore was distributed among official during modern of the central jail where she is serving 4 years interest in an illegal wealth case for allowing her special privilege”,
Set a local news channel that voted Deputy Inspector of prison Roopa submitted to the state government.

While Roopa was not reachable to confirm the bribery and other charges,Rao,however,denied them and accused Roopa of gross sub ordination. ” I have served a memo to her seeking explanation and evidence to prove her while allegations. She has not given any report to me or the government against me or other jail officials, “Rao told IANS . In a sensational revelation, roopa set 59 yr old Sashikala was getting Royal treatment in the women’s cell where she has been lost February 15 to serve her sentence. Co-convitcs Shasikala’s sister in law Elavarasi and nephew V.K Sudhakaran may also held guilty by a trial 14 September 2014 and upheld by the Supreme Court on February 14 in 2 decades-old this proportionate assets case of former Tamil Nadu CM J.

Jayalalithaa . ” as a reward for driving the prison authority from row to jail warden, sasikala gets special menu Daily, by special share in a special occasion near the women’s cell, “Roopa is said to have mentioned in the report. The 2000 batch IPS officer is the first woman in the southern state to have been recently appointed DIG of the Southern department. Alleging massive irregularities and rampant corruption in the central jail of the cities southern outskirt, Roopa said drugs were being distributed to the inmates to various means and selected prisoners were given special facilities. ” at least 18 of the 25 prisoners who were tested for taking drugs report positive. From BGP to jail model are involved in flounting the prison manual, ” alleged Roopa in the report. Refuting the charges,Rao said how she found so many wrong things in 3 weeks of joining the department. What and how she put no of things that might have happened or not months ago has been aired coating from her report. ” I have asked her to meet me on Friday and handover the so-called which a news channel is wearing her views. Where she was see when chief minister Siddaramaiah held a review meeting here on Monday? Ask her ? , ” gifted and upset now.