Sarahah comes to the rescue!


From romantic love texts to heated criticism, from stalking some random person to proposing your love anonymously, Sarahah has it all! This is such an addictive application that it has spread over the social media like a wild fire in the matter of a single month! Till now, the Sarahah app has achieved over a million downloads.

But who would think that this social media bug could be of use in real time and for real work?

AWARE did!

Yes, this Chennai-based NGO, with its aim to totally curb child sexual abuse, and its talented and goal-oriented team members have already reached out to a large number of people through their Sarahah account for spreading awareness on the importance of giving sex education to children.

The organization works to stop child sex abuse in India. They have been working for the noble cause for the past one year. The team has reached out to the maximum number of children and families, especially in the rural areas to not only teach children how to protect themselves but also to their parents on what to teach them.

But as of late, they were beginning to feel the need of a much better communication system. And lo! Sarahah came to help.

The whole idea revolves around anonymity.

People are afraid to talk about sexual abuse openly, even today. As soon as Sarahah was launched, AWARE, making total use of the opportunity created their account on the platform and got a record-breaking response from the mob.

In the opinion of the founder of AWARE, Mr. Sandhiyan Thilagavathy, they could not reach out to as many people offline in a whole year as they could online in a matter of 30 days.

When the NGO came online, they realized that “people were confused on when and how to teach their children about good touch and bad touch. Some even had details of Pedophiles and wanted to share them with the NGO on the condition that they would act.”

So these were some questions the organization was asked by anonymous individuals.

Mr. Sandhiyan was overwhelmed with the response they got from their audience. They assured that their audience got all the assistance they needed.

The organization has decided to further promote their cause on social media and we are all praises for the team. Keep up the good work!

If you also want to report child sex abuse but are afraid to say it out in public, do check out!

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