Salman to be the next big in Race 3!


In what came as a shock to the fans of Saif Ali Khan and the ‘Race’ movie Franchise, reports are that Salman Khan is casted as the male lead in the next sequel of ‘Race’.

Fans and critics doubt if Salman would make it up to Saif’s stylish and classy look in the previous two sequels. The ‘Race’ sequence has been till date a super hit series, classic romance combined with action and elegance. Katrina Kaif was the female lead in the starrer, while the female actor for the next has not yet been casted.

Rumor was that Saif could not take up the movie due to prior commitments. However, Saif reportedly revealed that he was not approached for the film.

Saif said that ‘Rakesh Ji’ had mentioned that to him about a year ago that he wanted to make a sequel of the movie with a new story and a new team, but had never asked him for the role.

‘I love Ramesh Ji and am happy with his casting. Who else could be better than Salman Khan for the lead in the romantic thriller? I wish both of them luck! But I have not been approached for the same.’

Saif disclosed this at the trailer launch of his upcoming movie ‘Chef’, a remake of an American movie of the same name, which releases on 6th October.

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