The Supreme Court on Wednesday declined to concede more opportunity to the Head of Sahara, Mr.  Subrata Roy to pay Rs. 552 crore, cautioning that if the check is shamed, he should confront outcomes.

The Supreme Court had in May 2016 conceded Mr. Roy four-week parole to go to his mom’s burial service. His parole has been reached out by the court from that point onward.

Sahara Head had presented a check for Rs. 552 crore to be encashed by the market regulator, Sebi, by July 15 according to the court’s prior request. On the off chance that the check is shamed, at that point suitable move will be made, the top court cautioned.

Senior advice Kapil Sibal, showing up for Sahara chief, looked for time till August 15 in view of the present economic situations. He likewise told the court that till now Rs. 13,316 crore has been stored with showcase controller Sebi towards vital due and the adjust is around Rs. 9000 crores.

Be that as it may, the Supreme Court declined to concede additional time, saying: “Why would it be a good idea for us to give additional time and suit you? Numerous guides were proposed. How often we collect and hear the case?”

Mr. Roy was captured in March 2014 for the disappointment of two Sahara aggregate organizations to conform to the court’s 2012 request to return Rs. 24,000 crore to their financial specialists.

The official liquidator delegated by the Supreme Court said the Aamby Valley will be sold in three parts. The Supreme Court in April had requested closeout of Sahara gathering’s Aamby Valley Township, close Pune after Sahara neglected to store levy towards discount to speculators.

In the interim, Mukul Rohatgi showing up for a Sahara organization asked the court not to offer the Aamby Valley since its value is more than Rs. 34,000 crore as said by the official outlet.