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Doctors unite for a safe working environment


Doctors unite for a safe working environment


Violence against doctors

In reaction to what happened in Maharashtra where a first year doctor was beaten up, doctors all over the state of Maharashtra went on a mass leave marking a sign of protest for a safer working environment for these saviours. The doctors are demanding strong security services to be placed in government hospitals, immediate actions to be taken against anyone who gets violent towards a doctor, and restricting the number of relatives who can visit a patient at a time to two. They are also asking for a stricter implementation of the Doctor’s Protection Act in India. Two days into the strike, on Wednesday, Maharashtra Education Minister Girish Mahajan threatened to deduct six months’ salary form all the protesting doctors’ pay checks if they did not get back to work by 8 pm that evening.

Apart from the threat, Mahajan promised the doctors that 1,100 guards will be placed at government hospitals in a months’ time. After this the doctors withdrew their protest and came back to work.


But the protest was further followed by the doctors in Delhi that created a very chaotic situation in almost of the hospitals in the latter mentioned city where patients were becoming restless due to the non-availability of doctors. Doctors in about 40 major hospitals, except AIIMS, went on a mass casual leave on Thursday. Although emergency services were operational at the hospitals, out-patient departments, wards and routine operation theatres were unavailable to patients between 9 a.m to 4 p.m. At AIIMS, resident doctors continued to work wearing helmets as a mark of protest.

Violence against doctors has been a constant cause of strikes in Delhi.

However, no strict actions have been taken to stop such attacks. Not only in Delhi but doctors are often assaulted in different parts of the country and some strict action is the need of the hour to save the saviours. Country has various issues to work upon and they do work then why not this issue which is really very necessary because doctors are the saviours and if they are only assaulted and harassed and what will happen to the other people of the country. The government should take the issue very seriously and do something about it as soon as possible.

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