Ryan International reopened on Monday after observing a brief 10 days of closure following the brutal murder of a seven-year-old student in the school premises.

However, of the school’s total strength of over a 1000 students, only about 250 turned up for classes, as parents were still skeptical about the security of their wards.

Of the victim’s classmates, only five turned up to attend school on Monday, and an environment of fear still pervades the area.

It is said that the victim’s best friend is in trauma, and is still not able to believe that his friend has died. His parents are worried and want to change his school.

Many even showed grave concern, and are planning to change schools for their ward. However, there is no such confirmation from the school, and withdrawal certificates have not yet been applied for.

The students are themselves scared and don’t want to drink water in the school lest they would have to use the washroom.

Following such fear of safety issues among parents, the district administration, that took up the school’s management on Monday morning, has closed school for another four days and will reaffirm safety measures before reopening the school.

The school’s PTA is scheduled to be held this Saturday, where the administration will talk to the parents and address their issues, Deputy Commissioner Vinay Pratap Singh told reporters.