200 notes

With the printing of 200 currency started as earlier government’s decision to overnight withdraw bills of the higher denomination (1000 and 500 currency ) in November. there could be the possibility that government can announce withdrawing of 100 rupees currency from the system and people can smell the demonetization phase 2 coming. it’s only the matter of time when all the pictures will be clear about demonization.But one thing which is very clear that struggle for finding 2000 notes would be solved. News about 200 currency notes being printed came from Economic Times. Earlier, the Hindustan Times reported that the RBI is unlikely to circulate Rs 200 notes through ATMs so as to avoid the tedious process of recalibrating the machines. The central bank wants to circulate the new notes through bank branches.

Advanced security features

Unlike earlier reports of some discrepancies in the new Rs 500 denominations, the new Rs 200 notes are likely to have advanced security features.

“The new 200 notes will carry advanced security features. The authorities are taking extra precaution to prevent counterfeiting,” the Economic Times report said quoting a source.

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