What was Indira Gandhi and her effect during her time, similar is Modi in contemporary India and will remain till 2019 and probably beyond: the pivot around which the national and state politics revolve. BJP’S incredible victory in Uttar Pradesh validates that its 2014 sweep was more than just a backlash to fatigue and anger with 10 years of scam-tainted UPA rule. The ripples reached three other states, Uttarakhand followed by Goa and faraway Manipur which has seen saffron surge for the first time. Be it the demonetisation, the surgical strike or any other daring gambit of Modi, all of them have played a significant role in the resounding success of BJP. The increase of voters from near about 40% to 60% especially in UP can surely be said as the magic of Modi wave. It has not only given the country a new ray of hope but it is also on the way to put a brake on all the other political parties that do not work in country’s interest. The tremendous success of BJP and the occult of modi wave can be clearly seen in the current political scenario of the country where 16 states of the country are being ruled by the BJP.

Opposition parties will have to draw lessons from history to take on Modi. But mere drawing lessons and electoral arithmetic may not be enough to challenge an unconventional politician like Modi who revels in taking enormous risks. So, at the end It can rightly be said that “as America is the super power of the world, similarly BJP has turned to be the super power of India”.