3 Years of Modi Government

Modi government has completed its 3 years in office. we are now about to review the work done by the modi government. since they came in power. Paid media will only show the fake and biased surveys which are totally misguiding, so we will only talk about the facts and data. We divided the areas to be analysed and gave the rating accordingly.

1) Job creation and job rate (0/5)

At a rally in Agra in 2013, Narendra Modi, then campaigning for the position of Prime Minister, had said the BJP would create 10 million jobs: “If BJP comes to power, it will provide one crore jobs which the UPA (United Progressive Alliance) government could not do despite announcing it before the last Lok Sabha polls,”. Yet, the 2016-17 Economic Survey, based on data from the labour ministry, stated: “Employment growth has been sluggish.”


2) GDP Growth rate (2/5)

You may hear lot of rumour about the GDP growth but in reality it is still less than the UPA government

3) Black money (2/5)

As modi promised to collect all the black money in 90 days but there are yet to take major action to tackle the black money. demonetization was success or not this still a topic to debate but 80% of the black money is stored in swizz bank which government is yet to take action

4) Highway buildings (4/5)

Modi government work brilliantly in the highways as they beat UPA government,as the data of 2015 highways are made on the average of 16 km per day and in the UPA days it was about 11 km per day


5) Energy (5/5)

Outstanding work is done by the BJP goverment in energy sector. As India is now become power surplus nation which means that india is now producing more energy than its requirement! now india can even afford the export of the energy. GREAT NEWS



Work done by BJP in swach bharat is quite acceptable as the objectives of Swachh Bharat are to reduce or eliminate open defecation through the construction of individual, cluster and community toilets. The government is really taking action on to make toilets in rural areas.

7) Ganga Cleaning (0/5)

As promises of BJP is kept getting delayed day by day as promise to clean ganga in 2017 then 2019 now they promise to clean it on 2020. three thousand crores is spend to clean ganga since 2014 but the results shows the complete opposite product , now situation of ganga is even worse . We can clearly says that it is not more than another scam by BJP



8) Foreign Policy (3/5)

One of Modi’s signature initiatives has been westwards, in his new ‘Link West’ policy, to mirror the ‘Act East’.
Nepal in previous year had a deal with china over military. The India-Pakistan relationship is in deep freeze, with little daylight visible. India has challenged conventional thinking even though the effects of these actions in the longer term still need to be assessed.


9) Railways (3/5)

Image of railways is continuously increasing in India. New trains has also being launched with TV screens it



10) Demonetization and GST

These were hailed as the Modi government’s bold decisions that were meant to transform the existing setup. According to Economic Times survey nearly 60 percent people felt that Goods and Services Tax will positively impact their business and livelihood.

On the question of demonetization, even though 49 percent thought that the move that sucked out 80 percent of currency from the system did nothing to curtail corruption, 51 percent remained convinced that it was a step in the right direction, according to the LocalCircles survey.