Western Australia :- A very film-oriented thought, people have sent messages in bottles through the sides of the closest river to them. Nigel Hanlon didn’t expect to ever see the bottle he had thrown into the sea but turns out sometimes people do respond to your messages even when you expect no response. The bottle came ashore on a remote beach in Australia and was found by pastoralist, Michael Thompson from Mundabullangana (Munda) Station, about a hundred kilometers south of Port Hedland. The message is supposed, 35 years old, and the fact that it has been found is pretty much all about luck.

The concept of putting a message in a bottle was started when there was no cell phone connectivity and usually, it was a message sent without hopes of ever getting a reply. This thought is very romantic in nature, many movies have adapted this concept to give their movies a touch of a vintage feel. Most of the times, these bottles keep floating and you may never hear back, but Hanlon was lucky to have gotten a response.

Thompson found the bottle when he went on a fishing trip last Sunday in a remote part of Munda, and while they were driving, his father got stuck in the sand, in a bog. While diffing up the sand, he looked around and spotted the bottle. Thompson said, “I’m normally picking up lures and bits and pieces on all these remote beaches and I looked at this bottle and thought it looked like it had a note in it”.

“Sure enough there was a note in the bottle.” And he also added “of course it had been floating around either for 35 years or laying on the beach for 35 years, I don’t know”.

The note said that it was dropped over the side of the MV Cape Don, 50 miles from Port Walcott, north Western Australia on 20 November, 1982. It also has the address of Nigel along with his age, 41 and he is from 7 Mawarra Street, Kingston, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Thompson has contacted the Fremantle Ports Authority and the MV Cape Don Society. Treasurer of the society, John Stokes, was ecstatic to hear the news. He said, “I thought it was fantastic, the fascination of somebody throwing the bottle into the water with a message sort of, hope springs eternal, doesn’t it.”

After several phone calls and emails, Mr Stoked was able to track down a member of the 1982 MV Cape Don crew, Steve Staveley, who provided the missing details, like Hanlon’s Surname, the ‘o’ was missing in the note.

The writer Nigel Hanlon, would be 76 now, and was last known to be living in Fremantle, Western Australia. However, no one has been able to contact Hanlon yet.

Hopefully, they find him soon and return the messages and get to know more about it.

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