India can never get over the beauty of the North East. No matter how much we boast about The delicious North Indian Food, or The Cultural Heritage of Bengal, when it comes up to Beauty, only one comes in mind: North-East. Which is why, it is also the most disputable area. Manipur, being one of its kind has had to go through immense deliberations, through time immemorial.

As the world broke free from the clutches of the 200 year old Colonial Rule, Humans in Manipur got shackled down by forming a part of a secular country by deceit, leaving its citizens uninformed. Since then, citizens have been through storms, but nothing in this world could bring their determination down, which brings us to pay tribute to this date, a dozen and two years back, when the blood of Manipur rose to heights of infuriation, leaving behind few daring hearts, swimming in pools of blood: The mourning of 18 lives, on the 18th of this horrendous month of 2001, June.

On this day, 14 years back, spectators saw a massive outburst of fury coming from the general public of Manipur, against the then Government who had left the State in a very pitiable condition. This was the day when hundreds gathered outside the Governor Bhavan near the Chief Minister’s Bunglow, shouting slogans and burning effigies of the mute leaders that the citizens had elected by themselves, in Hope to make their Manipur Great Again.

But by seeing the consistency of the silence of these leaders, and their constant non-advocacy and ignorance towards the condition of Manipur, ignited the true meaning of democracy amongst the hearts of the Citizens of Manipur, that is: the power vested in the hands of Public. History itself is completely endemic to the pattern of its course being changed by the force of public, and such had happened in Manipur on this inspiring yet disheartening day in this beautiful State, which saw people at their adrenalin best, to determine the Right and support it with all their might, against the propaganda of the Wrong.

The Bangkok Declaration, a ceasefire agreement “without territorial limits” signed between the Government of India and NSCN (IM) on June 14, 2001 created a pandemonium in the areas of Sanjenthong and Imphal Head Post Office, nearby the bunglow of Chief Minister and Governor Bhavan. Initially the crowd was subjected to tear gas and rubber bullets from the sides of the security forces to drive them away. But this agitated them more and they advanced more and more towards the main building from all directions. This was the time when the public reached limits of their tolerance level and burned and rampaged the assets of the Government. This was the time when high ranked police officials deemed it necessary to allow the CRPFs to fire live rounds towards the uncontrollable crowd, and this marked this day as an Uprising day.
18 sentient beings, Manipuris, with solid minds and patriotic hearts voluntarily and willingly, gave of their lives under the sharp bullets that penetrated through them quite discriminately. They knew the result of this Uprising; still they chose to not rest under the shelters of their home and speak up for the atrocities happening to their Land.

This day is remembered by the sacrifice of those 18 brave hearts, and reminds Manipur and its people, and stands as a pillar of inspiration and hard truth for everybody knowing about this Uprising, as well as the ones reading this: Any Voice is not too shrill to voice out against the wrong; all is needed is an ant to shout out the Truth, and the vocal chords of many such ants to reverberate the same, to change any Law, not fit for being in a Democracy.

A Very Happy Uprising Day to Manipur. Those 18 beautiful souls will be respected and remembered by us Indians, till the greatness of infinity is achieved.