At first, CBSE declined to permit this procedure, saying in its rules that “no demand for RTI for giving of photocopy of assessed answer book will be acknowledged”.


Be that as it may, in 2016, it was taken to the Supreme Court for not taking after the SC’s decision.

After this, from 2017, CBSE has precluded any say of RTI from its rules totally, prompting CBSE students being uninformed of a significantly more moderate method for applying for their assessed answer books.

This is CBSE’s 2017 warning. It excludes any specify of RTI applications totally. While this is not hatred of court, it has implied that CBSE students are unconscious of the RTI course to get to their assessed answer sheets.

This is an affront to the a huge number of CBSE students as they are for the most part not mindful of their entitlement to get answer books for just Rs 10, as opposed to spending more than Rs 700 on the same.

CBSE should sympathetically make it clear in their rules that students can get to their assessed answer books for as low as Rs 10 as opposed to taking the Rs 700+ course. Non-arrangement of basic data is nearly as terrible as deception. The act of charging Rs 1200 for getting the assessed answer sheets when the same can be acquired at the cost of Rs 10 under RTI, is subjective and preposterous.

For those of CBSE students who need to re-evaluate their answer books, to apply for the same through a RTI. It is to a great degree reasonable and takes the same length if the application was through formal CBSE channels.