Hang the rapist

An amendment to the criminal law providing death penalty for raping a minor would be introduced in Madhya Pradesh assembly soon.  A revision to the criminal law giving capital punishment to assaulting a minor would be presented in the Madhya Pradesh assembly soon, the government said on Friday. “A bill giving capital punishment that would be death penalty to rape of minors would be introduced in the coming monsoon session of assembly. When it is passed it would be sent to the President for consent,” chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said on Friday. He made the declaration during his speech at `Joint Assembly Function’ at the Madhya Pradesh Police Institute He further added that, “The principal condition for the advancement of the state and the nation is a decent lawful framework and this is the significant duty of the police,” . His administration would stretch out full support to the police, the CM guaranteed. He has often talked about death penalty for rapists but it’s for the first time that he announced of bringing a legislation to make that happen.

The administration had endorsed around 30,000 new posts of police personnel at different levels and around 25,000 new houses are about to be constructed with facilities of CCTV cameras for the police work force. Mr. Chouhan additionally commended the police, particularly for the examination of Bhopal—Ujjain train blast case, where the accused were caught within three hours.

One-third of the total seats in police have been reserved for women keeping in mind their capability and considering them as no less than men. The police were appealed by the CM to make an atmosphere where ladies can move around anyplace and anywhere without any kind of fear.

The new amendment of death penalty was much needed in India where the rape cases are at its peak. It should not be implemented only in Madhya Pradesh but in the whole country. Government should take this issue seriously as rapes are destroying lives of the females in the country. The punishment should not only be there for minor girl’s rape but for every girl, be it a minor, an adult or a woman. Anyhow a girl will always remain a girl, no matter what her age is, so some strict measures should be taken to protect them so that they can live fearlessly.