Ramjas incident

Colleges are a temple of learning which shall resound with intellectual exercises, free thinking and free exchanges of creativity and engagement in reasoned discussion rather than propagating the culture of unrest.
So, today I am going to share my thoughts on the ‘Ramjas incident’ after listening to the clarifications from both the sides. My thoughts are the thoughts of a student who is neither affiliated to a political party nor staunchest a particular ideology. For whom the question isn’t about what’s Right and what’s left but it’s about what’s right and what’s wrong.
Taking up charges one at a time logically and as per the rules in our constitution. I would give my opinion and try to explain it as well as I can do.
The AVBP  led DUSU has blamed the Ramjas authority for inviting Umar khalid for a lecture during their literature festival. The consequence of inviting him led to violence around the campus.
The JNU  student whom they term as a anti-national was charged for sedition last year and the matter is pending in court and currently he is out on bail. Constitutionally, he has all the rights of a free man. On the other hand even AVBP has all the right to legitimately criticise and protest peacefully for what they think is wrong and unjust. But seeing the university caught in vortex of violence and disquiet was tragic and unfortunate.
Nobody in a  democratic country like ours has the right to take law in their own hands. Deciding for the judiciary and taking action before hand is totally arbitrary and furthermore it sends and message of lost trust on the decision making bodies.
The AISA members have been charged for raising slogans similar to the slogans raised in JNU last year. This has been said as the core reason of provocation which led the AVBP to start violence. Till now, there has been no concrete proof about this anti-national activity but in case it gets proven then it should be dealt in a legitimate manner and people involved should be charged. For now, we shall rise above immediate identities and condemn the violence on campus.
From the eyes of the neutral the havoc created by the people doesn’t seem anything more than hooliganism in the name of nationalism.
Jai Hind.