In past few weeks, the official Twitter account of  Mr. Rahul Gandhi, who is an Indian politician and serves as the Vice President of Indian National Congress and the chairman of Indian Youth Congress is the center of attention for the public on social media. He has more than one million followers in three months. ‘OfficeofRG’, the official account of Gandhi has seen a hike in retweets.

“Modi ji quick looks like President Trump needs another hug”, Rahul Gandhi replied a 15th October tweet where he retweeted Donald Trump’s  tweet on US-PAKISTAN relationship.This was given a lot of attention as it was retweeted over with 30,000 retweets. It is expected that Gandhi’s fake followers were retweeting, indicated by the alleged bots with a Rusian, Kazakh or Indonesian. Smriti Irani responded by tweeting ” [email protected] office of RG planning to sweep polls in Russia, Indonesia and Kazakhstan??”. Some BJP leaders such as Smriti Irani and Rajyavardhan Rathore reacted to this by poking at reports on, fake followers boosting his Twitter presence. According to media reports, automated bots could be one of the major reason for the retweeting of Gandhi’s tweet. Rajyavardhan Rathore reacts to a media report by tweeting “In Sports, this would come under ‘doping’….hey wait! does ‘dope’ remind you of someone”.

In today’s busy world social media plays a very important and interesting role as politicians use it as a medium to connect with the general public who always eagerly want to get all updates and information about what is happening around them.

In this way, both of the parties (that is public and politician) can perform better by knowing the views and opinions of each other. Worldwide around 2.46 billion people use social media.

According to a report, political party participated in 2014 elections had set 2-5% of its election budget for spending on social media.