The Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi is preparing for his next tour to the United States.

During his Norway tour, he visited Biotechnology and Nanotechnology related companies and investors. The main reason of the visit was to acquire knowledge about the cost and fuel efficient technology and transportation.

The Congress Vice President is up for his next visit to the United States Silicon Valley. Accompanying Mr. Gandhi will be Mr. Sam Pitroda who is the chairman of overseas Congress and a technology innovator, interestingly he was brought to India by Rajiv Gandhi and was one of the pioneers behind the technological developments in India.

Prospects Of The Visit:

The Congress Vice President is likely to visit the pioneers of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Silicon Valley who will be discussing the technology and application of machines.

Mr. Gandhi is likely to attend events, meetings with many investors and experts in the Silicon. This will generate employment in India and will also increase better prospects for India’s IT sector. India has already created a name for itself in the field of software and it is the right time for India to step up its game and expand its horizons to the other three departments (Biotechnology, Nano Technology and Artificial Intelligence).

A senior Congress leader said, “Rahulji wants to make India really a true world power. For these three – AI, Nano Technology and Biotechnology – are the future and the current govt has failed to deliver on these issues. His aim and vision are to make India not just a software giant but a giant in the areas of artificial intelligence, nano technology and biotechnology,”.

Mr. Gandhi will also be attending an event on ‘India at 70: Reflections on the path forward’ in California University scheduled on 11th September 2017. The event is organized by Institute for South Asia Studies and Institute of International Studies of the University.

Mr. Gandhi’s Avoidance Of Internal Party Conflicts:

The Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi’s foreign visits have been viewed as a way to avoiding the internal party politics. In Himachal Pradesh, the party is going downhill with wide spread anti-incumbency sentiments and internal conflicts.  He has been heavily criticised for his inactivity in this hour of party crisis.