Puri Haridwar Kalinga Utkal Express

The Puri to Haridwar express went off the track today resulting in around 14 coaches crashing, killing almost 23 people till now and injuring around 100 people, there are still people being rescuing out of the piles. One of the coaches crashed into the nearby homes also resulting in people being injured there also. According to sources the train coaches crashed into the house when people were having tea and few of their family members got stuck beneath the coach, they were taken out with lot of struggle and this has injured them severely. At present the hospital in the near locality are put on high alert as all the injured people will be sent there. 65 ambulances are on duty right now including public and private ambulances. The local people are also helping the officials in rescuing the people. It has been reported that there was huge railway authority negligence as work was going on the tracks which the train passed. Lots of tools have been found from the site of accident and even the nearby people have also confirmed that the work way going on the railway track, all day long and even they were working at the time the train was passing
the track. The passengers have reported that the train was in its full speed when they felt few disturbances beneath and the next moment the train went off the track. In reaction to this incident ex railway minister, Mr. Lalu Prasad
Yadav commented – “The railway minister should take the authority of their negligence and should give their resign”.
While the local people have reported that it was all the fault of ministerial negligence and the lack of authorities being present at the time of need when this massive mishap took place. Still there are a lot of people stuck under the rammed coaches and the rescue is still going on. This incident is clearly a failure of authorities and the authorities being blind towards their responsibilities. We don’t know when our authorities will realize that how much it costs the normal people with slightest of their negligence.

Helpline number: 5101