We have all thought about, some of us may have even planned it, but have you ever gone ahead and crashed a wedding? A pair of “professional wedding crashers” left Karen Fox Tufo a sweet surprise on her big day. They left her a “buck for luck”, along with a Polaroid photograph of them and a Congratulation-cum-Sorry note.

Karen posted the evidence they had left behind on Facebook and now wants to “buy them a drink” saying that they gave her the best wedding present possible. Karen took this all with humour while any other couple would probably have been outrageously angry about the fact that strangers came and enjoyed free drinks and food.


The crashers were recognized by a few of the relatives when Karen put up this post on Facebook. Most of them were shocked to know that Karen did not know them when all along they believed that the crashers were friends with Karen’s husband, Mike. All the comments on the Facebook post seem to find the humour in this, there was a Game of Thrones reference thrown in when they spoke about the male crasher’s appearance, “Who’s Jaime Lannister with the long blonde hair?”

The crashers sat across a guest who wondered who they were all night long but were dragged to the dance floor by them and they danced with them all night long. The crashers seemed to have a knack for crashing weddings, true professionals. They blended in with every family member and no one questioned them, even though Karen also claims to have seen them all night long and wondering who they were. Karen’s niece asked the male crasher who he was and both the times he ran off, not ready to spill the truth.

Even after all the free drinks and food Karen ended up giving them, she wants to meet them again and have a proper introduction. Hopefully, by then the pair would leave this job before they find a couple who will actually be enraged by this.