On May 18 2017 the humanity witnesses lynching of few men in a village of jharkhand rajnagar, as they were suspected as the child lifter, the people of the village decided to  take the law and order on its own hand. Present at the spot were also a Deputy Superintendent of Police, a Circle Inspector, two Assistant Sub-Inspectors and like 30 policemen, including from the local station in Rajnagar .


However the mainstream media coverage of the jharkhand lynching incident barely got any attenction. Since the incident became viral on the social media and then the media started covering the news and to finnaly started to ask the questions. For three days, there were no hashtags to gather public support. There were no outrage.,no demands for booking the culprits. An incident that should have taken very seriously was  not newsworthy enough to be featured on mainstream media.


After the news of the lynching initially broke out, open response was driven by the recordings that were doing rounds on the social media. There was an entire absence of any solid data from both local administration and mainstream media.This lack of information led many to initially believe that the incident was communal in nature. It was significantly later when the data about the child lifting bits of gossip and a moment lynching in the range was shared, that many of the initial rumors were quelled.


All the well established mainstream with million of followers in social networking websites which they commonly used for sharing BREAKING NEWS and to give there public opinions.

Lets have a look on how much they give importance to the story from jharkhand by viewing their tweets,



Times Now


The channel which is now so much popular for the controversial hastags and twets, did not show any concern immediatly after the incidence.


Even after the unfolding of horrific lynching details details, it was hashtags like #PakDesperation, #PakistanKeDalal, #KaifSmashesPak etc that were focusing on the news channel


As the outrage on social media built up, finally on May 21st night, Times Now invited CM Raghubar das for the interview.after the four days of incidence takes place the news finally gets the attention it deserved




The newly launched news channel by arnab goswami does not feel any importance to the horrific incidence as they were busy with their so call nationalist agenda’s  #pakAshamed #pakVersusICJ #CongForPakLawyer


Even after the two days the republic still did not put this topic in special hour show.

The interest in the topic was low and there was no opposition leader that this could be blamed on




on may 20th, Zee News tweeted about “Jharkhand villagers clash with police over child lifter rumors.” this was the only thing zee news shows




Like the other news channels the NDTV was the only news channel who gives the importance to the lynching happened in jharkhand. They reported the story on 19th and also they featured as the lead story on 21st may



CONCLUSION -As we can see almost all the news channels shows their concern after the outrage from the social media.it shows the how the mainstream media in todays world is so bias and not reliable. So the question is who is going to question the goverment for its silence. As our prime minister tweeted about the manchester blasting yet silence on the jharkhand incidence


The news of the lynching does not involve opposition leader nor celebrities or cricketer . It did not involve the pakistan. Neither involves cows,beef, anti romeo, gau rakshak to capture attention.

Unfortunatley the murder of the men in jharkhand does not meet in above criteria of being newsworthy enough